About us

Asset9 Fynsys LLP.

SECRET to financial security is not to have more money, but having MORE CONTROL over the money we presently have. Financial security is an issue that should command our attention because many People are not adequately managing their finances for their current & future needs for child education, travel, healthcare, retirement and other goals and moreover the luxuries things which every person wants to have or do.

Wealth is the output of lengthy years full of discipline, hard work, right financial Knowledge, persistence and Self-Belief. Designing your wealth to Best-of-breed investment solutions from products in equity, Derivatives & Option trading strategies, fixed income, real estate and alternate investment classes. We go beyond traditional financial services—addressing the financial, social, and personal dimensions of unique wealth. provides strategies for all your unique wealth management needs


Preservation and Transfer

Your plan is designed to provide you and your family with thoughtful and innovative solutions customized to the financial and personal complexities of your life. We bring you knowledge, experience and expertise across the broad range of wealth structuring disciplines.




By thinking holistically about all aspects of your wealth, we develop customized strategies to help pursue your unique goals. Wealth structuring can help you address issues including:

  • The cash flow required to help meet your lifestyle
  • The investments needed to help meet long-range objectives
  • The most effective way to pursue estate planning goals
  • The tax implications of the many aspects of managing and transferring your wealth

Our core business objective is to ensure our clients' financial well-being. In this regard, we provide a range of strategic investment solutions & Tax Planning Skills by leveraging our deep-domain knowledge and research capital. The Asset9 is Ahead Of The Curve, Not Chasing It.


The Team

Our principals, portfolio managers, and the administrative support teams are exceptionally qualified to serve our clients. With prestigious educational degrees, industry certifications and professional honors, including CA, MBA, Future & Option Strategist, Certified Professional, etc. We’re frequently quoted in top national and local financial publications, and consistently recognized by many of those publications as being in their top tier of wealth managers.

We understand the impact of our support, that it has on every aspect of each Client’s life, and we always lead with our Clients’ best interests in mind as we guide and provide clarity to financial planning.

Our Team guides you with comprehensive planning sessions focused on retirement lifestyle and legacy planning that can help you manage risks and identify opportunities. We focus on all aspects of you and your portfolio

Our Team understand your goals and recommend solutions to achieve them by providing long-term investment performance, service, and a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions & Protected Accumulation Strategies