Fixed Income (Bonds & other Debt Instruments)

What is Fixed Income?

We offer a range of Debt instruments backed by research, views and product knowledge to meet our clients’ (Institutions – Financial Institute, Banks, corporate and Trust; Individuals – HNI, NRI and Retails) investment objectives.

Typically, debt instruments are suited for individuals seeking low risk and a regular cash flow with investments. Debt instruments also protect against volatility of the portfolio.

Asset deals in Government bonds, corporate bonds and debentures (NCDs), Bonds (Tax free and taxable), Interest Rate Futures and Corporate Fixed Deposits. Investors’ can purchase/ sell these through primary as well as secondary market.

Why Fixed Income?

  • Diversify portfolio risk by investing in debt instruments that protect the capital and offer you a steady rate of return.
  • Generate a steady income for the time period of the investment which can be from 6 months up to 10 years.
  • Reduce your tax expense by investing in tax free bonds.
  • Invest securely and keep your capital safe with fixed income instruments that are rated as per their safety level.
  • Save your earnings for a future goal while also having them liquid and accessible in case of an emergency.