Commodity market offers more than 40 commodities across various segments such as bullion, metals, energy, and a number of agri-commodities on its platform. The MCX Exchange is the world's largest exchange in Silver and Gold, 2nd largest in Natural Gas and the 3rd largest in Crude Oil with respect to the number of futures contracts traded.

Advantages of Commodity Trading

  • Efficient price discovery and transparency.True reflector of economic activity, while trade with exchange buyer and seller both find efficient price of their stock.
  • Connectivity with international market.Many commodities prices are correlated with prices international market, so we can see transparency in market.
  • Price risk management for hedgers.Commodity future is a risk management tool for traders and formers. They can hedge their stocks at higher price in future contract and reduce their loss.
  • No counter-party risk.In spot market every trader’s biggest risk is counter-party risk. But if traders trade via exchange then they don’t have counter-party risk.
  • Physical settlement of contract.At the end of contract expiry trader/investor can take physical delivery of the respective commodity.
  • Integration of markets at national level.In every state/city of country there is local market and all of them run different price of commodity from different state/city. Exchange integrates all local markets at national level.
  • High liquidityMany investors/traders take part in trading via exchange. So we can always see high volume and liquidity in market.
  • Trade with margin money.You can earn maximum profit in minimum cost because if you trade with exchange you have to submit only margin money (5% to 15%) of real cost of trade.
  • Trading according to clearing house policy.Settlement of every trade is done according to clearing house rules and regulation.


  • Access to MCX and NCDEX
  • Technologically advanced trading platform and service dissemination
  • Research calls for all commodity categories: Base metals, Energy, Precious Metals and Agricultural Products
  • Competitive Brokerage Schemes
  • Personalized service to time entry and exit points
  • Daily fundamental and technical research reports
  • Trade on the go with Android app.