The currency market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world with a turnover of more than $ 5 Trillion on a daily basis. With the introduction of currency derivatives in 2008, the Indian market is poised for growth by increasing its share in the world forex trade.

Swastika extends the opportunity to benefit from this market in India. We offer a simple, convenient and profitable platform to trade and hedge in the Currency derivatives market and diversify your investment portfolio.

  • Accessible to small traders, the minimum size of the USDINR futures contract is USD 1,000. Similarly EURINR future contract is EURO 1000, GBPINR future contract is GBP 1000 and JPYINR future contract is YEN 1,00,000. These are well within the reach of most small traders. As the profits or losses in the futures market are also paid / collected on a daily basis, the scope of accumulation of losses for participants gets limited.
  • No MiddlemenAllows clients to interact directly on the exchange platform
  • Opportunity to Hedge foreign currency exposure risk
  • Minimal CostLow Brokerage, Lower taxation ( No Securities Transaction Tax)
  • Lower margins and Higher Leverage
  • Currency Trading has no insider trading risk due to the large size of the forex market and its decentralized nature
  • Highly SafeGoverned by both the SEBI and RBI
  • Currency Futures are cash settled, thus providing convenience to the investors


  • Access to NSE Currency Futures segment, MCX-SX and BSE currency segments
  • Technologically advanced trading platform and service dissemination
  • Research calls for all currency pairs: USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR, JPYINR
  • Competitive brokerage schemes
  • Personalized service to time entry and exit points
  • Daily fundamental and technical research reports
  • Trade on the go with Android app